We’ve Been Found Out!

07. March 2013 Galatians 0

Text: Galatians 2:14-18
Theme: We are sinners no matter who we are or how good we act.
Key verses: “But we know that no one is made right with God by meeting the demands of the law. It is only through the faithfulness of Jesus the Liberator, that salvation is even possible. This is why we put ffaith in Jesus as our Savior; so we will be put right with God. It’s His faithfulness, not works prescribed by the law, that puts us in right standing with God because no one will acquitted and declared “right” for doing what the law demands. Even though we are seeking a right relationship with God we have been found out. We are sinners…If I reconstruct something I have worked so hard to destroy, then I prove myself a sinner” (v. 16-18)
What God said to me: Son, my anger burns against you right now. Do not take this lightly. Do not try to ignore what you did or gloss over it. Do not assume I’m OK with it. Yes, my Son’s blood has already covered it. Yes, you are already technically forgiven because of His sacrifice. But that’s just the point: My Son’s blood was shed for your santification–not so you can casually trample it whenever you so desire. Repent and turn away from your sin habit. Do it or die. I will not always strive with you regarding this. He that being often reproved and hardens his neck shall suddenly be destroyed–and that without remedy. Yea, that applies to you too, my son. I love you but I will not allow you to continue in sin. Now, regarding this passage, you’ve been found out–just as Peter was found out. Peter’s sin was being a hypocrite, as is yours. Peter told people to act one way when he acted another–as do you. Peter was trying to get right with God through acting right and doing certain things that gave the appearance of rghteousness–as do you. Peter was making Christ’ sarifice of no consequence, relying rather on his good works and heritage–as do you. Peter was “found out”–and now you have been found out. Confess your sins to me. I am faithful and just to forgive your sins and cleanse you from all unrighteousness. I love you unconditionally, and because of that, I will not allow you to live outside my will and my way.
What I said to God: Oh Father, I didn’t see this one coming today. In my smugness and self-important attitude, I had fooled myself into thinking I could go on as though nothing had happened. I should have known better. You will not allow any sin to be harbored and not confessed and forsaken. You are God of high standards–perfection, to be exact. I can only achieve perfection through the perfect person of Your Son living His life through me. Forgive me please for ever settling for less. Fill me now with Your Holy Spirit and help me keep my eyes on you and you alone today.