Remembering My Leaders

26. October 2018 Hebrews 0

Text: Hebrews 13:7

Theme: Remember those who taught us and showed us how to live for Christ.

Key verses: “Remember your leaders who taught you the word of God. Think of all the good that has come from their lives, and follow the example of their faith” (v. 7).

What God said to me: Time to remember and reflect. Time to look back at some of the phenomenal servants I trusted you with who invested into your life. When it says “remember your leaders” it means remember your leaders. Think of them one by one and think about their influence and impact on your life. The leaders referred to here are exclusively those who “taught you the word of God.” Those are the ones that matter the most. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away. Thus, those who took time to teach you my words are the ones you are most indebted to. They are the ones whose lives point to eternal things that will last the test of time.

  • First of all, I blessed you with a godly mom, who never missed an opportunity to give me praise and credit. She was always faithful to tithe and give liberally, trusting me for every dollar she needed. She took you to church from your birth and taught you to love the Ten Commandments and the stories in the Bible. She demonstrated a powerful work ethic and used her gifts to bless her local church and other people. Your mom was one of my choice servants and I gave her to you to prepare you for the ministry I had for you.
  • Then there’s Rodney Yarborough, who was your pastor growing up at Cave Spring Baptist Church in Owens Cross Roads, AL. He demonstrated great humility and was the first pastor to take personal time to teach you and help you.
  • I placed you with Jimmy Robinson with whom you traveled and did revivals for two entire summers during your middle school years. That man, as fundamental in his beliefs as he was, was just the person you needed to observe and work with to see true sincerity and passion in a gospel preacher. I used those weeks with him on the road to help shape you into the traveling evangelist and speaker you are today.
  • Sonia and her godly parents are some of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given to you. Their example of faith and their support of your (sometimes crazy) ministry ideas over the years are proof enough of my never-ending grace in your life.
  • Try to imagine your ministry now had I not placed Scott Dawson in your life 28 years ago. He has been both a mentor and a friend to you. Your partnership with him has opened many doors for you and connected you with many ministers and churches.
  • One more I’ll remind you of is Jimmy Jimmerson. Remember how you met him when you were both incoming freshmen at Samford University. Remember how I told you then you were to pursue a friendship with him–one that has lasted through the years to even now. I wanted you to be sharpened by his love and dedication to me.

I could have given any number of my children to your mom and to my other choice servants that you have had the privilege to know. Yet, I gave you the opportunity to be taught and influenced by them. Do you have any idea how huge that is? You’re not special or unique, Dwayne. But you have been given much–and unto whom much is given much shall be required. Friendships, relationships and mentorships are among the most vital and precious gifts I can give to anyone. Don’t waste them.

What I said to God: Father, what an incredible trip down memory lane! I so needed to remember the many awesome people You have put in my path over the years. They are too numerous to name in one setting. Thank You over and over for showing me such love and grace. Please help me return the favor and be a blessing to others as well–at least half as much as I’ve been blessed. I am who I am today because of godly mentors You’ve entrusted to me. I’m speechless thinking about all the good that’s come from their lives, to me and to others that knew them. Please help me follow their example of faith until I see You face to face and reunite with them on the eternal side of glory!