Starting a Study through Hebrews!

10. September 2017 Hebrews, Introductions 0

It has been some time since I have journaled through a book in the Bible.

For the past few months I’ve read from Psalms, Proverbs, 1 & 2 Timothy, Philemon and other books. I’ve meditated on certain chapters and passages, at times reading them over and over for several days, to try to get them into my soul and mind. However, I’ve not kept a journal and I’ve not been writing out my thoughts and impressions from my devotional times.

A daily routine of journaling in the same place and same time has been difficult to maintain, with our transition from KY to AL and with my extended travels and grueling schedule in Africa and most recently in Florida. I have stayed fairly consistent to reading from the Bible each day and praying my response to His Word. However, during seasons when my schedule is especially full and demanding, I find that my spiritual growth goes mostly into “maintenance mode.”

I desperately need and long for fresh discoveries and experiences in God’s presence and in His Word again! The time has come again to devote and discipline myself to a thorough and careful journaling routine. The discipline of journaling what I sense God is saying to me through His Word has been by far the most riveting and rewarding practice of my Christian life. I started journaling daily during my quiet times when I was in college.

My plan is to journal at least three times per week, taking a few verses each day in Hebrews. When I journal I try not to skip any verses, for doing so could mean missing huge chunks or small nuggets of life-directing truth the Holy Spirit wants to teach me.

I hope you will consider following along with me through this study, even adding your own thoughts and comments to my journal entries. In no way do I believe my thoughts and ideas are infallible. What I write needs to be vetted and scrutinized in light of all of God’s Word and compared to the commentaries of trusted theologians and fellow Christ-followers.

One of the main themes of Hebrews is perseverance and steadfastness. My prayer is that I will remain faithful and steadfast to this weekly commitment to journal online what I’m learning. As always is the case, I’m confident that journaling through this book will prove to be encouraging, correcting and life-changing for me and perhaps for others who read it with me.