Don’t Show Favoritism to Elders

Text: 1 Timothy 5:19-21
Theme: Confront sin in elders when the sin is proven.
Key verses: “…when a charge comes against an elder, don’t even acknowledge the accusation unless there are two or more witnesses. Bring any believers who persist in sinning before the community and publicly scold them so that all the rest will know to fear sin and its consequences…” (v. 19-20) “…Don’t back down, never decide a matter beforehand, and don’t do anything out of favoritism. Don’t be too quick to lay hands upon anyone or share in the sins of others–stay clean” (v. 21b-22).
What God said to me: Dwayne, I don’t demand a lot from you. I give you ample time to accomplish the work I’ve called you too. And I’ve given you the health and the intelligence and wisdom you need as well. But one thing I have always made clear to you that I expect is for you to meet daily with me and journal these QTs through my Word. This is part of my specific plan for your life. Why has it been almost a month since your last entry? I know you had a lot on your plate with the Intensive, but still, could you not have found a least a few days over the past 25 to journal? Repent and decide now to obey me and meet with me everyday this week. I have much to show you. As for this passage, the message is quite clear: I don’t show favoritism and neither should you. You are an elder and leader in my Church. You are held to higher standards than most. Accept that and be thankful for my grace to sustain and strengthen you through every temptation. Likewise, other elders are accountable as well. Pray for them; support and encourage them. Disciple them as often as you can. But never overlook their failures and sin issues. You will do more harm to them and to my Church by overlooking their sins than you ever could by condoning their behavior. It’s sometimes called ‘tough love.’ There’s a reason for that…
What I said to God: Holy Father and Savior and Lord, I praise You for loving me and for meeting with me this morning. Help me stay clean in a highly polluted world, and to pray and support other church leaders in every way I can. But also help me not to overlook sin, but rather deal with it in myself and in others as soon as it’s verified by two or more witnesses and by the Holy Spirit.