When Pleasure Takes Priority

17. April 2012 1 Timothy 0

Text: 1 Timothy 5:9-16
Theme: Younger widows should remarry if pleasure is their goal.
Key verses: “Don’t add younger women to the widow roll because when their desires for pleasure overtake them, they get careless in their devotion to the LIberating King. Their constant thoughts become, ‘I want to get married,’ and such thoughts disqualify them because they have tossed aside their first commitment to the Liberator. Plus, they get into the habit of being idle…” (v. 11-13a)”That’s why I think it’s best to have the younger widows remarry, have children, and take care of their households so that the enemy gains no opportunity to come with accusations” (v. 14).
What God said to me: Listen. Be still. Focus. Dwayne, you have the same problem some young widows have. You prefer pleasure over piety, your way over my way, your desires over other’s needs. I made you with natural human needs and desires. But be very careful not to allow them to overtake your first commitment to live for me. If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me. Are you denying yourself today? Did you yesterday? You and I both know the answer to those questions. It’s better for young widows to remarry rather and follow their natural desires. I can still use them and bless them–as long as they fulfill their desires legitmately and morally within holy matrimony. I will use and bless you too–as long as you do the same.
What I said to God: Wow, I didn’t see that coming from this passage when I sat to read it this morning. Thank You, Lord and Savior, for meeting with me–despite me. Thank You for dying for me–despite my rebellion and depravity. Help me die to myself and my wants and ways today and all this week. I commit my way to You. You are my only Master; may my flesh not rule me. You’re the only One who deserves my allegiance and worship. I want to love You with my whole life.