Continually Overflowing with God

25. December 2010 Acts 0

Text: Acts 6:8
Theme: Stephen continually overflowed with God’s grace and power.
Key verse: “Stephen continually overflowed with extraordinary grace and power, and he was able to perform a number of miraculous signs and wonders in public view” (v. 8).
What God said to me: Why Dwayne do you think Stephen stood out from everyone else? Why did I single him out to highlight in my scripture? It’s the classic question of which came first, the chicken or the egg? Did he stand out as my servant because I anointed him, or did I anoint him because he was my servant? Hmmm. Notice how that verse says Stephen “was able to” perform many signs and wonders. I enabled him to do them, for sure. But first, he had to place himself in a position to receive my anointing and empowering on his life. He had to want to be filled and used of me. Dwayne, my followers don’t just suddenly start doing amazing things through me out of the blue. First I must see their surrender to me and their commitment to do my will. Stephen loved me with his whole heart. That’s why I could fill him with my Spirit. In 2011, be sure you surrender your whole being to me–continually. Then watch as I use you to reach people and perform miracles you never thought possible. Watch me exalt you above the crowd and use and bless you–continually.
What I said to God: Father, thank you for loving me and for speaking to me today. Thank you for sending your son to die on the cross. Thank you for the baby, for your indescribable gift of love and sacrifice. Help me continually overflow with your grace and power in this new year. Open doors for my books and ministry that people will look upon and know only you could have done such a thing.