Selfless Faith-filled Ministry

07. September 2010 Luke 0

Text: Luke 9:12-17
Theme: Stepping Up to Ministry
Key verses: “Disciples: Send the crowd away so they can find lodging and food in the nearby villages and countryside. We’re out here in the middle of nowhere. Jesus: No. You give them something to eat. Disciples: Are you kidding?…That would cost a small fortune” (v. 12-14a). “They do what Jesus says, and soon groups of 50 are scattered across the landscape” (v. 15). “Everyone eats. Everyone is satisfied. Nobody goes hungry” (v. 17a).
What God said to me: Dwayne, I’m glad you finally decided to be obedient and begin journaling your times with me again. You have lost ground in my Word and in your walk because of your laziness and disobedience. You should be thankful for my mercy and grace on you, and for my patience to wait. Regarding today’s reading, first of all, you let your Bible fall to this passage today. What you need is a consistent reading plan through a book. You choose. Yes, you. I can speak to you though any of them. Just make your decision and stick with it–That’s what I’m looking for and expecting from you. Notice 2 things about this passage today: First, those disciples were too short-sighted and selfish to even think about trying to minister to that crowd. Chances are they didn’t really want them there anyway. They thought they had Jesus all to themselves. They wanted his time and attention, and they wanted whatever food they could find for themselves. Second, Jesus challenged them to think ministry before ability. That should always be the order of priority. You serve a limitless God who loves people enough to sacrifice my Son for them. Don’t you think I’ll help you meet their needs–even and especially when it’s beyond your ability and foresight to do? Of course I will! The disciples and my followers in
Acts 2 had all things in common. They were unified and what belonged to one belonged to all. That should be your attitude as well, Dwayne. You give them something to eat. Don’t wait around for the government or some social agency or for your church to provide. You do it. I’ll take your little and make much–very much, with much to spare!
What I said to God: Father, it is great to be back in this journaling mode. I know it takes discipline. And I know there will more days when I don’t want to do it than when I do. Nonetheless, I will stay with this and be consistent and obedient to listen and journal. Help me look around and be aware of needs of others and how you might want me to help someone today. My family doesn’t have much, but with you we don’t need much. I acknowledge by faith that we already have it all–we have You. Praise your name!