Jesus’ Ministry to the Whole Person

22. March 2008 Luke 0

Text: Luke 9:10-11 Theme: Jesus constantly ministered on two levels. Key verses: “Then he took them and withdrew by themselves to a town…but the crowds…followed him. He welcomed them and spoke to them about the kingdom of God, and healed those who needed healing.” (v. 10-11) What God said to me: Notice first that Jesus was interrupted by the crowds. He had withdrawn to be with his disciples. The crowd was not invited to their gathering. Yet, Jesus welcomed them. He was always on ready to meet whatever needs people had. He exemplified what he had sent his disciples out to do. He taught them about my Kingdom and spiritual things. And he also healed their physical bodies if they were sick. Dwayne, be sure to always be ready to help people and witness to them about me and the hope I can give. But remember, people who are hurting physically may not listen to you until you have tried to meet their physical need — whether it is hunger, pain, or sickness. Do what you can in my power, then be faithful to share my Good News with them. What I said to God: Thank You, Lord, for reminding me this morning that we must seek to minister to a person’s whole being, both physical and spiritual. Thank You also for never being two busy or preoccupied with your select group that You didn’t take time for the rest of us. I was one of the “rest of us,” and You took time to notice and help me. May I strive to always follow Your awesome example. Thank You for life and health and peace and joy. Thank You for my family and my home. Praise You that You counted me faithful, placing me into a ministry that is impacting lives and meeting needs.