Inheriting the Lord Himself

10. October 2007 Joshua 0

Text: Joshua 13:7-33 Theme: A worship leader’s inheritance is the Lord Himself. Key verses: “But to the tribe of Levi he gave an inheritance since the offerings made by fire to the Lord, the God of Israel, are their inheritance, as he promised them.” (v. 14) “But to the tribe of Levi, Moses had given no inheritance; the Lord, the God of Israel, is their inheritance, as he promised them.” (v. 33) What God said to me: Son, these verses are pregnant with truth and encouragement. As my minister, you have the unique privilege of my personal provisions. While others of my children have their lands and possessions and bank accounts to depend on and call their own, you must be content only with what I give you. Mind you, it is not wrong – in fact it is advisory – to plan and want these things. However, Dwayne, you’re focus and your plans can never be on obtaining what will eventually fade away. Minister to others, in my house, to me always. Watch me provide your every need. What I said to God: Praise you, Lord, for your awesome ways. Forgive me when I think too much about what I have to gain through doing ministry. This is not about me. I know You will continue to provide abundantly for me and my family. You always have. Any prospering we do we want to do “in the Lord.” And any financial blessings You entrust to us beyond our needs, we want to put back into ministering to You and to others. Praise and thank You for being my inheritance! I love You.