I’m Back!

It has been over two months since I last entered a journal post from my quiet times. Mind you, I’ve had some strong and connsistent times alone in God’s Word over these past several weeks. Nonetheless, there is nothing that can replace the discipline of journaling what God is teaching me. It galvanizes my mind and requires me to listen closer and think deeper. My excuse for being absent from this website visitation? My laptop, which I use when I journal, has been on the blink. Yea, I know. That isn’t much of a reason. But there it is. The inconvenience and distraction of using my work computer should not have hindered me from remaining faithful to my journaling. Yet, I allowed that very thing to happen. Well, now the laptop’s fixed and I’m back to journaling in Joshua again! Thanks to all my readers who have gently prayed and encouraged me during my absense!