Remembering Chains

27. March 2007 Colossians 0

Text: Colossians 4:18 Theme: Reasons to remember Paul’s chains Key verses: “I, Paul, write this greeting in my own hand. Remember my chains. Grace be with you” (v. 18) What God said to me: Good morning, Dwayne. I’ve missed meeting with you the past several mornings. I want to show you something here in my Word today. I love talking with you and renewing your spirit and perspective before me. Like your pastor shared Sunday, the first small hole that allows you to “leak” and ultimately lose all passion and anointing is to ignore my voice of truth by not reading and studying my Word. Consider Paul: According to this final verse of his letter here, he wrote this letter with his own hand. Often Luke and others would help him with the actual dictation. But Paul took special care to write this one himself. This further underscores his passion and determination to communicate my supremacy to this local church at Colosse. Why did Paul urge them to remember his chains? Certainly it wasn’t to gain their sympathy. Paul was far past needing someone to feel depressed and sorry for him. He was in me. For him to live was Christ and to die was gain. However, Paul did dote on people’s prayers for him. He understood the power in prayer and intercession. Dwayne, always take the time to pray on others’ behalf. Remember those in other ministries and on foreign and difficult fields serving me. Remember your brothers and sisters in bondage. Another reason to remember others’ chains is that they remind you of your own blessings and freedoms. Everything good in your life, every moment you can walk into the daylight free from pain and shackles is a gift from me. There is one more reason to remember chains that I want you to realize and embrace: Chains aren’t necessarily bad. Perhaps Paul wanted his readers to keep his chains in mind because those metal links pointed toward a greater and far more weighty and wonderful enslavery. Paul was completely yeilded and bonded to me. He only did what I bided. Perhaps the chains he really had in mind weren’t physical but spiritual. Of course, the “chains” I give you, like my yoke, are easy and my burden is light. In fact my chains are worn willingly not forcefully. And my chains actually bring you the greatest freedom and joy. Remember others’ chains, and appreciate your own chains. What I said to God: Holy God, I praise You for speaking to me today. I will make time this day to remember my fellow Christians around the world who suffer persecution and trial for Your name’s sake. I will remember their chains and I will be reminded and thankful for my lack of bondage and imprisonment. We are incredibly blessed with freedom to share your love with others. I choose today to take up my cross, my “chains,” and follow You closely and only.