Stay Away from the Heifers!

21. November 2006 Hosea 0

Text: Hosea 4:15-19 Theme: We Must Reject Rebellious Influence Key Verses: Though you commit adultery, O Israel, let not Judah become guilty. (v.15) The Israelites are stubborn, like a stubborn heifer. How then can the Lord pasture them like lambs in a meadow? Ephraim is joined to idols; leave him alone! (v. 16-17) What God said to me: Dwayne, I long to be a shepherd to my people, to lead them, protect them, provide for them. My desire for you is to pasture you like lambs in a peaceful, plenteous meadow. However, I won’t force myself on you. You have to want to be led. You must submit to my leadership and authority. You must acknowledge that I know what is best for you and for all my people. That means shunning the wicked ways of those who don’t follow me. It means taking a stand even if you lose some friends because of it. Don’t laugh with their jokes. Don’t go to their hang-outs. Don’t admire their prosperity while they disregard me and my house. Don’t be duped by their charm and success. Remember, “a whirlwind will sweep them away, and their sacrifices will bring them to shame.” (v. 19) What I Said to God: Thank you, Father and God and Shepherd of my soul. Forgive me for allowing my mind to stray yesterday. Cleanse me of my rebellious thoughts and actions. I humble myself before you this morning, desparate to know you more and more. Protect my family today. May my sons reject the strong influences of this world to go another path, a much more narrow path, your path. As for me and my house, we will serve you, Lord, all the days of our lives! We choose to be lambs, not heifers!