Powerful Reasons to Act Right

04. February 2012 1 Timothy 0

Text: 1 Timothy 3:14-16
Theme: Paul gives two powerful reasons to act right.
Key verses: “…you will know how one ought to behave as a member of God’s family–the assembly of the living God, the pillar and foundation that support the truth–and I think you will agree that the mystery of godliness is great: He was revealed in the flesh, proven right in the Spirit; He was seen by the heavenly messengers, preached to outsider nations. He was believed in the world, taken up to the heavens in glory” (v. 14b-16)
What God said to me: Welcome to another day in the woods of TN! Do you see what a gift I’ve given you in allowing you to be here this week to write and to listen to me? Make the most of the time you have left. I have much to show you and create through you today. In this passage Paul was trying to paint the ominous picture of how huge a responsibility you have as a member of the Church. NOtice the broad strokes he takes with his sweeping words: “assembly of the living God”, “pillar and foundation that support the truth.” NO pressure, right? NO, on the contrary, you should feel much pressure. You should shape up and fly right. And then, in case it’s not convincing enough that you are responsible for upholding the truth of the living, almighty God, Paul lays another reason on Timothy and all those who come after him. He says the “mystery of godliness is great.” Yea, you think? Paul goes on to list six killer examples of just how mysteriously great Jesus coming to earth really was. Dwayne, that’s the truth I expect you to hold up and defend and share with the world. There’s no time for foolishness and pet sins which so easily distract and throw you off course. You have the mystery of godliness to contend for! Get going on it.
What I said to God: Wow, Lord, did I really just hear from You? Did you really just lay it on me as much as I think you did? I can’t hold up under such a load of responsibility. Is this the scrutiny by which I’ll be judged one day before You? I wonder how many in Your Church feel the weight and realize the tremendous expectations that You’ve set on us as members of Your family? Please help me to faithfully do my part to mentor and encourage others, as I myself depend fully on You. That’s the only way any of us can bear this load.