Rebels Unite!

12. November 2011 Romans 0

Text: Romans 10:20-21
Theme: Israel was and is a rebellious nation. But then again, so are we.
Key verses: “…’I was found by people who did not seek Me’…and as to the fate of Israel: ‘All along I opened my hands to a rebellious people, who constantly work against Me.'”
What God said to me: Dwayne, your rebellion is most obviously seen in how you work against me in writing these daily devotions before me. You simply won’t be consistent. Do you not see your desparate need to meet with me and to meditate on my Word? Yes, you do make time to read my Word and pray each morning. While that’s good, it’s not best. Best means seeking me with all your heart and searching for wisdom as hidden treasure. Can you honestly say that you dig and scratch and claw within the pages of my Bible each morning? Do you approach my presence with fear and awe and trembling? We both know the answer is no. In this passage I am speaking of Israel. But the same can be said of you to some degree. You love me when it’s convenient, but you don’t always obey me, and you don’t always desire me above all else in your graciously blessed life.
What I said to God: Holy Father, wow, what a word today. I really need to hear that. Forgive me when I go through the motions of religious Christianity, rather than seeking the heart of the Christ of Christianity. I confess my rebellion and apathy toward You and Your Word. Please forgive me and fill me up with only You today.