My God’s Bigger than your god

25. September 2006 Isaiah 0

Text: Isaiah 37 Theme: Showing Himself to be the true God  Key verses: “The king (of Assyria) sent messengers to Hezekiah, saying…’Do not let your God in whom you trust decieve you, saying, ‘Jerusalem will not be given over’…Have the gods of the nations delivered those whom my fathers have destroyed?'” (vs. 10, 12) “Then Hezekiah prayed…saying ‘O Lord of hosts…You are God, you alone…” (vs. 15) “…the kings…have laid waste all the nations…and cast their gods into the fire”…”save us from his hand that all kingdoms…may know that You are the Lord, you alone.” (vs. 19, 20) What God said to me: Dwayne, my Word is chugged full of incredible and defining moments just like this one. Why aren’t you reading about them more often? I will gladly remind you everyday of the big picture of life - how that I am Lord over all, how that you need not fret or wonder who’s in charge. When my sovereignty is questioned or challenged by power-mongers and bullies around you, do you immediately turn to me for help, like Hezekiah did? Or do you shake in your shoes and secretly hope I’m big enough to come to the rescue? Need I prove myself to you over and over? Trust me, try me and once you’ve proven me, then rest in your Blessed Hope… What I said to God: Holy and Righteous God, the only true and living God, I do trust you. ‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus! How I’ve proved you o’re and o’re! Even if this world and my world crumble, I will place my hope and faith in you, precious and faithful Father. Thank you for your Word that lays on my shelf begging to be read so to remind me who you really are and whose I am in you! I love you, Lord. Fill me and use me today.